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Boosted by the deep-learning based CT reconstruction algorithm, the Smart3D is now able to obtain the more defined tomography while further reducing the radiation dose by 83%, once again topping the industrious standard in respect of low dose control.

Super Large FOV

360° Scan

Simulated Planting

Metal Artifact Correction

Fast Reconstruction

Low Dose

Nerve Tracing

0.4mm Small Focus Tube

Built in Minipacs

75μm Small Voxel Size

High-definition Imaging

Dental Model Scanning

Electric Seating System

AI System

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HiRes3D Plus/Max
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Equipped with LargeV’s latest artificial intelligence system and upgraded precision imaging system, the LargeV HiRes3D fulfills your implantology, orthodontics, gnathology, respiratory path analysis, maxillofacial surgery, orthopedic surgery and otolaryngology needs.

HiRes3D Max
HiRes3D Plus
HD Image
Helps accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Introduction To TrueMAR Correction Module

The 0.5 small focus tube, with a highest resolution of up to 2.6lp/mm, ensures the fine oral structure is clearly visible.


With the new deep-learning based CT reconstruction algorithm, and despite a 83% radiation dose reduction, the system can still obtain a good clear CBCT image.

With the new TrueMAR correction module for metal artifact removal, the system can intelligently correct metal artifact avoid over modifying, and save the original clinical data.

5) Post-Implanting Assessment

As the metal artifact correction function is optimized with artificial intelligence, the HiRes3D can more accurately judge the estimation and status of implant position, angle and jaw for the dentist to assess post-implant planting.

6) Temporomandibular Joint Disorders

With the SmartV high resolution 3D image and multi-layer slicing function imaging system, the HiRes3D can display condyle and fossa morphology in extremely clear detail, easily identify erosions, osteophytes and fractures, provide more information for the diagnosis of temporomandibular joint disorders and evaluate the therapeutic effect.

7) Airway Observation

With auto trace function and gradient color display, the HiRes3D can automatically trace the airway, calculate the volume, highlight the narrow area with different color, and calculate the size of the narrowest area for optimal treatment of patients suffering from sleep disorders, sleep apnea, and sinus complications.

4) Model Scan (optional)

The HiRes3D has a model scan function for scanning impressions and plaster models. Scanning accuracy is up to 100μm. The system can easily export STL 3D digital model files for third-party surgical guides and printing.

Two-dimensional vector evaluation

Three-dimensional evaluation

1) Endodontic and Periodontal Examinations

The HiRes3D with an image resolution up to 2.6 lp/mm, provides rich and accurate information for the examination of endodontic and periodontal diseases. Compared with common radiographs and other CBCTs, the outstanding images from the HiRes3D can help dentists avoid the overlapping of teeth and jaw images, show the anatomical structure of root canal location and degree and easily detect periapical bone condition and alveolar bone defects.

2) Root Canal Filling Examinations

With a professional color map and filter, the HiRes3D can clearly identify the orientation, shape and size of a root canal. Multiple and complex root canal treatments can be easily and accurately observed in 3D.

3) Implant Applications

By using the full oral 3D image generated by HiRes3D, we can evaluate the bone density of the implant area, determine the relationship between the implant position and adjacent anatomical structure, finalize the placement, optimize the length and diameter of the implant, improve implant success rate and avoid possible neurovascular damage.

AI + Ceph Measurement

The neural network trained by big data, can automatically identify orthodontic anatomical landmark points, draw anatomical structures and output measurement reports according to the selected measurement methods.

AI + Panoramic

Together with new intelligent auto-focus technology and multi-layer panoramic hardware, the system can automatically fit the best panoramic curves and reconstruct a better image.

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