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LargeV instrument makes its debut at the 2019 silk road international stomatology forum


On September 19 to 21, from shanxi, gansu, ningxia, qinghai, new, jin, henan, and 8 provinces (autonomous regions) oral medical association jointly sponsored the host, the air force military medical university stomatological hospital, xi 'an jiaotong university stomatological hospital in collaboration with the joint of 2019 fourth session of the silk road international oral medical BBS and the silk road dental equipment drug equipment exhibition in xi 'an qujiang international conference center grand launch.

Langesia instrument was invited to participate in the exhibition of its latest product multifunctional dental CBCT Smart3D orthodontic enhancement, with a field of vision of up to 16 × 11cm, a single scan can cover the dentition and temporomandibular joint, support the function of dental mold scanning, dental mold precision scanning up to 100 m, received extensive attention from professionals in the industry.

In addition, the exhibition also featured the CBCT HiRes3D products of LSD, with a small focus tube of 0.4mm, the highest spatial resolution of 2.6 lp/mm, the maximum imaging range of up to 230 × 180mm, and six-dimensional power seats, which provide accurate positioning, reduce motion artifacts and make the image clearer.

With the grand opening of the exhibition, there was an endless stream of professional doctors who came to the booth to communicate and consult with each other. Longshi staff received each audience with enthusiasm and provided professional explanation and guidance. Longshi products were also recognized and recognized by the same industry in China.



Largev staff explained the product to the audience

To create value for customers and bring health to the people is the goal and responsibility of longshi. Since the birth of largev, its products have gone through clinical trials and been widely recognized in the industry. Taking customers as the center and pursuing clearer imaging and better service, largevision's unremitting efforts are enabling more Chinese doctors to use high-quality domestic medical equipment, making Chinese national brands stand out in the world and benefit mankind.


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